Precision Grinding

At Advanced Grinding and Machine, grinding is our specialty. Our most requested jobs include centerless, cylindrical, round, outside or inside, flat or form operations. If you have a grinding job, chances are that we can meet your specifications. We work in both english and metric measures.

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This is a non-exhaustive summary our grinding capabilities:

Centerless Grinding .125 to 6.00 inches diameter; length .125 inches to 8 feet
ID Grinding .125 to 12.00 inches diameter; length .125 to 6.0 inches
OD Grinding .125 to 8.00 inches diameter; length .125 to 30.00 inches
Flat or Form Grinding .010 to 18 inches thick; length and width 48.00 inches
Tapers from .002 per inch to 45 degrees

Key Benefits of the Grinding Process

  • Size Control - Features of size can be produced within .0002 inch
  • Shape and Relationship Control - Roundness to .000003, straightness to .000003
  • Finish and Surface Control - Razor sharp edges, mirror finishes


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Phone: 502-452-9851

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